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Network Solution for The GIGA-School Concept

About the Solution Overview

Network Solution for The GIGA-School Concept offers the construction and operation services of secure and comfortable network environments for local governments and boards of education nationwide, based on the GIGA School Initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
The GIGA School Initiative recommends the distribution of one terminal to each student and the development of high-speed network environments. IIJ identifies current issues and proposes the optimal network to realize a smooth network environment that integrates from end devices to the cloud.

Solution Features

Understanding Problems through Network Visualization

This solution uses high-performance visualization equipment to analyze the contents of traffic flowing through the network and visualize various characteristics. This solution can report the actual status and problems of application utilization by each organization, which cannot be seen from traffic graphs or network equipment load statuses.

Support for Eliminating Bottlenecks and Planning Investment and Procurement

We provide consulting services to investigate and identify bottlenecks in customers' environments, such as network slowdowns due to unknown causes, and to discuss ways to resolve them. We also provide a comprehensive report on the means, costs, and timeframe required to resolve issues and assist the customers in planning future investment and procurement.

Optimization of Internet Connection Environment (Commercial ISP, SINET, etc.)

We propose the best Internet connection environment for our customers by utilizing IIJ's extensive experience as the first commercial ISP in Japan. For municipalities and boards of education that have been approved to subscribe* to the Science Information Network (SINET) operated by the National Institute of Informatics (NII), we also support connection to SINET.

* An organization or group that has been approved as a member of the NII SINET in accordance with the rules for subscription and compliance requirements set forth in the bylaws

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