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Cybozu Garoon SaaS SCCloud with IIJ

About the Service Overview

Cybozu Garoon SaaS SCCloud with IIJ is a cloud-based service offering enterprise groupware from industry-leader Cybozu.

Facilitate Team Collaboration

Service Features

At its core, Cybozu Garoon functions as a critical enterprise-level information sharing platform. Added functionality also helps promote communication beyond the boundaries of departments and geographical locations for deeper, more meaningful discussion and truly effective teamwork.

Robust Security That Prevents Unauthorized Access and Information Leaks

Source IP address-based access control and client certificates are used to prevent unauthorized access to enable secure environments, even mobile ones. Flexibility in access rights management enables you to enable access only to required resources and thereby prevent information leaks.

High Reliability Ensures Your Critical Data Is Protected

Backup services are provided as standard to ensure critical data is protected. We also have backup data centers in remote locations to provide disaster recovery support.

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