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Cognitive Factory Solution

About the Solution Overview

We have joined with Hirata Corporation to provide the Cognitive Factory solution to help manufacturing companies transition to smart factories and reform manufacturing processes.

Information communication technologies (ICT), such as network infrastructure, cloud services, and security protocols, are utilized in the digital transformation of manufacturing plants. IoT and AI technologies are also the keys to process reform via the automation and optimization of production control. These strategies create added value of and help maximize sales performance, supply capability, and "backyard" performance (human resources development, skill and technology succession, safety assurance, etc.), which all combine to help companies achieve their mid- to long-term manufacturing management strategies.

Solution Services

We provide 4 phases of services including digitization and visualization of plant data, data analysis/utilization, and automatic optimization. Services are tailored to resolve your specific challenges.

* Step 3 and 4 services will be available from 2019 with step 3 being available first.

Step 1 - Connected Environment
More efficient production
  1. Connect people (chat/file-sharing services)
  2. Connect people with machines (network cameras)
  3. Connect machines (retrofit sensors)
Step 2 - Streamlining
Automation of information management
  1. Data collection
  2. Organize and centrally manage issues and challenges
  3. Inform the necessary people
Step 3 - Utilization
Automation of status management
  1. Automation of the PDCA Check process through AI
  2. Promotion of visualization and ease of understanding
Step 4 - Automatic Optimization
Automation of the PDCA cycle
  1. Automation and optimization of the PDCA management cycle
  2. Achievement of unified productivity with multi-product mass production

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