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IIJ Announces Steady Revenue Growth and Positive EBITDA for its 2nd Quarter Results
Tokyo and New York, November 14, 2000 - Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (Nasdaq: IIJI) ("IIJ"), one of Japan's leading Internet access and Internet-related services providers, today announced its financial results for the second quarter ended September 30, 2000.

The 2nd Quarter of FY2000 Results Summary
  • Total revenues increased to JPY 8,108 million, up 21.4% from 2Q99 and up 11.9% from 1Q00, achieving the highest record in the company's history, primarily as a result of revenue increase from Dedicated Access Services and Data Center Services.
  • IIJ started procuring its Japan-US cable lines from its 34.9%-owned affiliate, Crosswave Communications (Nasdaq: CWCI)("Crosswave"), and achieved substantial improvement in its cost structure by reducing unit cost of international backbone as expected.
  • As a result, operating loss ratio improved to (-)7.8% from (-)11.9% in 1Q00, and EBITDA margin has turned positive.

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The 2nd Quarter of FY2000 Operating Highlights
The 2nd Quarter of FY2000 Financial Results


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