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Service Level Agreement (SLA) Program

Today the Internet has become an important business tool and better quality Internet services are needed. In the USA, major connection providers have already begun to offer service level agreements (SLA) and most users are now covered. IIJ has always provided a high level of service, however in order to improve the quality of our services further, we have become the first Internet connection provider in Japan to offer a SLA program. IIJ's guarantees consist of four elements for Internet service: "availability", "latency","packet loss rate", and "outage notification". Whenever service quality does not meet the guaranteed targets, customers will receive a credit against the monthly invoice amount.

IIJ will continue to improve the SLA program so that we can further raise the satisfaction of our customers in the future.


a guarantee that connection to the Internet is always possible.


a guarantee that the monthly average round trip time (RTT) across IIJ's entire domestic backbone network does not exceed 25 milliseconds.

Packet Loss Rate

a guarantee that the monthly average packet loss rate across IIJ's entire domestic backbone network does not exceed 0.1%.

Outage Notification

a guarantee that IIJ will notify a designated customer contact person within 30 minutes of the detection of a network outage.

SLA implemented services

  Availability Latency Packet Loss Rate Outage Notification
IIJ Cloud Exchange Service/Type M
(Microsoft Azure)
IIJ Data Center Connection Service
IIJ FiberAccess/A Service      
IIJ FiberAccess/U Service      
IIJ FiberAccess/C Service      
IIJ FiberAccess/Q Service      
IIJ IPv6 FiberAccess/F Service Type PPPoE      
IIJ Private Access Service    
  1. (*)We have stopped recieving new orders of IIJ FiberAccess/A Service.

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