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SMF Internet VPN Solution : Solution Overview

Unified Network Management and Integrated Operations: SMF Internet VPN Solution

Problems and Solutions

SMF Internet VPN SOLUTION Problems and Solutions

About the Solution Overview

Broadband Line Usage

IIJ actively utilizes broadband access lines, including FLET'S ADSL, B FLET'S, or other broadband services. For Headquarters, redundant dedicated Ethernet lines are used to ensure bandwidth and reliability. Whereas branches and other local sites are equipped with broadband lines in order to minimize costs, while realizing a broadband WAN infrastructure of maximum 100Mbps.

Integrated Network Management through the SMF Management System

The SMF Internet VPN settings are changed using the IIJ SMF (*) Settings/ Management Web interface. Simply connect the Service Adaptor (VPN device) to the line. The device will automatically acquire its configuration from the IIJ SMF System, and begins its operation. This auto-configuration technology enables anybody with no special knowledge can install the VPN device on site. Even in the case of equipment malfunction, system can be easily restored by installing a replacement device on-site, and connect the device to the line for auto-configuration. In addition, firmware updates, filters and other settings changes can be made centrally through the Web interface, allowing for quick maintenance and security measures.

Strong Security

The SMF Service Adaptor "SEIL" itself does not contain any settings information; it is the SMF System that stores all of the configuration information. This means that there is no risk of network information being stolen from Service Adaptors. In addition, the Service Adaptor only allows access from the SMF Management System, while rejecting access attempts via serial console or TELNET. These measures combine to eliminate any possibility of interception or unauthorized alteration.

* SMF: SEIL Management Framework. Structure for integrated management of Service Adaptor "SEIL" on a network.

Concept Diagram

SMF Internet VPN SOLUTION Concept Diagram

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