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IIJ SMF sx Service : Service Overview

Revolutionizing the Wasteful Network Management of the Past

The IIJ SMF sx Service is a system offering complete control over the high-function "SEIL Series" routers developed by IIJ. This service streamlines processes such as initial configuration, configuration changes, monitoring, management and operation maintenance required by the customer.

The IIJ SMF sx service revolutionizes difficult manual processes, enabling high-volume deployment and operation of Internet VPN and other network services in a rapid, cost-efficient, and error-free manner.

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Effects of Deploying the IIJ SMF sx Service

50% Reduction in Maintenance Costs

  • Integrates monitoring and notification systems, and enables updates to be made easily via the management user interface
  • On-site maintenance replacement and communication testing do not require a technical expert

70% Reduction in Device Configuration Time

  • No direct control of devices is required
  • Initial configuration and configuration changes can be made at any time from the management user interface provided by the service
  • Batch configuration and batch changes are easy

90% Reduction in On-Site Deployment Cost

  • Auto-connect function eliminates the need for a technical expert to perform on-site installation and communication testing

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