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SEIL Rental Service : Service Overview

About the Service Overview

Select "SEIL Rental Service" to use high-function "SEIL Series", routers developed by IIJ at low cost.
While these routers can be used for Internet connections, they can also be used as edge routers for VPN devices and WAN lines, or as bandwidth/ priority control devices. IIJ has developed a complete line of optional services for router configuration/ management, on-site installation and on-site maintenance. Take advantage of the numerous new and sophisticated functions, including IPv6, L2TPv3 and policy routing, SIP Proxy, Winny filtering, MAC address filtering and more.

SEIL/Plus SEIL/Turbo
SEIL/Plus SEIL/Turbo

Service Configuration

Basic Service
  • Low-cost "SEIL Series" rental
    • SEIL/Turbo
    • SEIL/Plus
    • SEIL/neu 128
Optional Services
  • On-Site Adjustments
  • Equipment On-Site Maintenance
  • Configuration Management
  • Fixed-Format Configuration Settings
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