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IIJ GIO Service : Specification

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By providing services on a wide range of layers, we can accommodate all customers' needs.

IIJ GIO is a comprehensive cloud service provided on all service layers, from HaaS/IaaS to SaaS. In addition to our Component Service that uses a combination of resources, we also offer an all-in-one service for the PaaS and SaaS layers.

IIJ GIO Application Service

IIJ GIO Application Service is a SaaS layer component package constructed on IIJ GIO.
We take advantage of IIJ GIO's superior flexibility and security to provide the most suitable application service for customers' needs according to the configuration and scale of the system to be used.

IIJ GIO Platform Service

IIJ GIO Platform Service is a PaaS layer component package constructed on IIJ GIO.
We provide a platform service packaged in a user-friendly form.

IIJ GIO Component Service

The IIJ GIO Component Service is composed of base servers and add-ons.
Over 1,000 combinations are possible due to the diverse range of components, so it can support any system. This provides a high degree of flexibility that could not be found in conventional cloud services.

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