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IIJ GIO Service : Service Overview

IIJ GIO Features

Transforming the Internet into an advanced social infrastructure.

An Extensive Service Menu

  • A diverse range of menues with more than 1,000 variations
  • A substantial add-on menu including firewalls and load balancers
  • Supports a wide range of needs, with menus from HaaS/IaaS to SaaS

A User-Friendly Platform

  • Ready to be used quickly, and offers a level of freedom equal to in-house server construction
  • Support for VPN and customer WAN line installation
  • Also provide advanced operations outsourcing based on your requirements

Dependable IIJ Quality

  • Disclosure of service level objective (SLO)
  • Over 10 years of experience in providing cloud-related services
  • Established on the high quality, high capacity IIJ backbone

Efforts Toward Further Cost Reductions

  • Development and deployment of next-generation container-based eco-data centers
  • Optimized operations and equipment through our service infrastructure (NHN)

IIJ will mobilize its technological strength to evolve the Internet backbone. We provide the highest quality services at the lowest price and services that only IIJ can provide.

IIJ GIO Advantages

IIJ GIO is a cloud service that supports a wide range of needs.

IIJ GIO is a comprehensive cloud service provided on all service layers, from HaaS/IaaS to SaaS. It can be used by a wide range of companies, regardless of the size, including industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and finance.

Services can be provided at a low cost due to economies of scale and other advantages.

We have continued to review and optimize the costs originating from the use of facilities, hardware, software, and other resources from a number of angles. We will continue to implement further cost reductions in the future through the various technologies incorporated into IIJ GIO and new technologies that we are working on.

1,080 combinations enable flexibility equal to individual system integration.

We have prepared over 1,000 cloud service configurations that require no infrastructure construction. By enabling customers to create their own configuration by selecting the resources they want from each category, we offer flexibility on the same level as system integration. We provide system resources that meet customers' needs.

IIJ GIO History

The significance of IIJ's cloud services

Over the past decade IIJ has actively been developing technology and been providing services in cloud-related fields.
IIJ GIO draws on this accumulated expertise to provide services that enable companies to enjoy the full benefits of cloud computing.

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