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IIJ GIO CHINA Service : Overview

The North-South Divide in Chinese Internet Environment resolved:
choose IIJ GIO CHINA as your cloud service in China

The IIJ GIO CHINA service is a cloud service provided by IIJ Global Solutions China Inc. in China.
It is based on the tried and tested IIJ GIO service in Japan, and resolves the North-South divide in Chinese Internet Environment, while also offering multilingual support in Chinese, Japanese, and English. It provides back-up for Japanese-affiliated companies developing their business in China.

Advantages with IIJ GIO CHINA Service

Advantage 1:Provides an Internet access service that resolves the North-South divide.

Advantage 2:A partnership with China Telecom (CT), the largest carrier in China. We are constructing a robust service in China.

Advantage 3:Support staff in China and Japan work together to provide multilingual support in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

Resolving the North-South Divide in China

The North-South divide is an IT-related issue that is unique to China. The IIJ GIO CHINA service resolves this issue without requiring any equipment on the customer side.

China's North-South Divide

The connection delays due to bandwidth for connections between the major Chinese ISPs CT (China Telecom) and CU (China Unicom) being restricted is sometimes called the "Chinese Internet North-South Divide".

This refers to the phenomenon of connections being delayed or difficult to establish even when accessing a Chinese Web server from within China.

China's North-South Divide

Resolving the North-South Divide in China

Service Menu

Either virtual or dedicated servers can be selected as base servers. An Internet access service that resolves the North-South divide is provided at all grades.

Basic Specs

- Base Server V Series Base Server X Series
Virtual Servers Dedicated Servers
V10 V20 V40 V80 V160 X240
OS CentOS/Debian/Windows CentOS/Debian/Windows
CPU Efficiency Index (ICU)* 1 ICU 2 ICU 4 ICU 8 ICU 16 ICU 24 ICU
Memory 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 48GB
Standard Disk 30GB(IP-SAN) 300GB(RAID1)
Additional Disks (paid option) Up to two of 100GB, 300GB, or 500GB capacity can be added to a base server -
NIC 2 2
Internet Connectivity Resolves North-South Divide
  • * 24 ICU = 6core x 2 or Equivalent

We provide support for the ICP registration required to publish a website

It is necessary to obtain an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license to publish a website in China. A Chinese professional will provide support during the cumbersome license acquisition process.

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