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List of Official IIJ Social Media Accounts

Below is a list of the social media service accounts officially managed by IIJ.

Regarding Inquiries

We cannot guarantee responses or support for every inquiry sent to these accounts.
For inquiries that require a reply, please use the dedicated support center for each service or the form on the "Contact Us" page.


IIJ staff tweet up-to-date information on Twitter.
Please follow any accounts you are interested in.

Below is the "Official Twitter Navigator - twinavi" account.

Click here for details about the "Official Twitter Navigator - twinavi"blank(Japanese Text Only)

Official Account Main Content Operating Policy, etc.
Tweets covering news, press releases, and event information about IIJ and IIJ services.(Japanese Text Only) Comments are welcome via Twitter. Our staff checks comments, but please note that individual replies are not given.
Tweets for each initial Earthquake Early Warning for advanced users issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
Some warnings contain errors, and // indicates unknown data. It is not always possible to post warnings immediately or in full detail. Please note that IIJ cannot accept any responsibility for the results of using these warnings.
SEIL_SMF The account of the development personnel for the "SEIL" routers developed by IIJ. Tweets provide information regarding high-end SEIL series routers, SEIL/x86 software routers, and the SMF automatic device connectivity and unified management technology.(Japanese Text Only) Comments are welcome via Twitter. If you have any questions or feedback about SEIL or SMF, feel free to send a comment.


We have an official Facebook fan page.
Click the "Like" button to become a fan.

Official Account Main Content
Official IIJ GIO fan page
The official fan page for the "IIJ GIO" cloud service. Here you can find the latest information on IIJ GIO, and we are also planning exclusive fan content and events.(Japanese Text Only)
Official SEIL fan page
The official fan page for the SEIL routers developed by IIJ. Here you can find the latest information on SEIL, as well as useful configuration tips and behind-the-scenes development stories. (Japanese Text Only)


We have an official YouTube channel.
You can subscribe to our channel to receive updates when new videos are posted.

Official Account Main Content
Official IIJ Channel (IIJPR)
The videos published here include presentations about IIJ services and footage taken at events. (Japanese Text Only)


Our official SlideShare account.

Official Account Main Content
Here we publish various presentation materials.(Japanese Text Only)
Related Services and Solutions


The information transmitted via these accounts includes the personal opinions and observations of the poster, and may not necessarily represent the opinions of IIJ. Additionally, although every effort is made to ensure the integrity of the information transmitted, IIJ makes no guarantee as to its accuracy or usefulness.

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