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IIJ's Vision

At IIJ, we have built the foundation of our business on the Internet. We believe the Internet will continue to evolve, balancing information processing technology development and application across many different fields. The Internet has become an indispensable infrastructure, and the importance of the Internet increases with each passing day.

However, there are still many technological areas in which the Internet is deficient, requiring further development and improvement.

IIJ engineers are a group of dedicated professionals aspiring to continued research and development on a daily basis. These professionals are motivated, proud to "seek higher quality and better services," providing and operating solutions for our customers. Our research and development activities do not rely on a single department, but draw from our strengths as technology professionals companywide.

There is no doubt that this infrastructure called the Internet will continue to expand beyond our imaginations. Our Vision consists of maintaining a deep understanding of this infrastructure, playing an important role in making it more robust, more reliable, and more expansive.

This infrastructure will continue to grow in all respects, from basic technology to applied technology. IIJ will continue to pursue new and valuable Internet usage models, represented in the form of user services and solutions.

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